Radio Horizon


Instrumentation: flute/alto flute, horn in F, classical guitar

Duration: 5’

Year Composed: 2019

Premiere: July 12, 2019 • Ensemble Dal Niente

Program Note

I’ve long been fascinated by environment’s influence on the creative process. In writing this piece, I found myself reflecting on the relatively short sightlines that exist around my home in Brooklyn, NY, and how drastically they differ from the expansive vistas of the Midwest where I’d spent the previous two years. My autobiographical relationship with this shifting horizon line informed both the structure of this piece and the musical gestures it contains. I’m deeply grateful to the caring and endlessly inspiring members of Dal Niente as well as to Walden for expanding my horizons year after year.

Radio Horizon was commissioned by the Walden School under the aegis of the Walden School Faculty Commissioning Project.