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Fixtures in the Fold (2017)

Video premiere of Fixtures in the Fold by Up/Down Percussion Quartet. 

Up/Down is:
Joel Castro
James Klausmeyer
Jonathan Mashburn​
Jordan Walsh

Video by Joel Castro
Audio by Jordan Walsh

Saeculum (2017)

Saeculum is the third installment in a series of collaborations between composer Douglas Hertz and choreographer Al Evangelista. The title (lat: generation) is the term used in the Strauss-Howe generational theory to describe an American historical cycle that spans roughly 80 years and is marked by inverting relationships between society’s relative strength in institutions and individualism. The saeculum’s four stages (high, awakening, unraveling, crisis) define this works formal structure.

The premiere performance was on April 18, 2017 in the Betty Pease Theatre at the University of Michigan.

Choreographer: Al Evangelista, in collaboration with dancers
Composer: Douglas Hertz
Dancers: Julia Dooley, Micky Esteban, Maddy Joss, Hannah Marcus, and Johnny Mathews III
Converge String Quartet: Bram Margoles (violin), Cassidy Chey Goldblatt (violin), Ryan McDonald (viola), and Hanna Rumora (cello)
//meridian vocal ensemble: Paolo Debuque (director), Tal Benatar, Benton Degroot, Marty Gray, George Marshall, Allison Prost, Megan Smania, and Adrianna Tam
Video/audio: Sly Pup Productions

From Lidless Eyes (time knows no bounds) (2016)

World premiere performance by the Vanguard Reed Quintet at the 2017 Dale & Nancy Briggs Chamber Music Competition in Stamps Auditorium, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Vanguard Reed Quintet:
Sagar Anupindi, oboe
Joseph Velez, clarinet
Sean Meyers, saxophone
Joseph Swift, bassoon
Danny Mui, bass clarinet

 The Pilgrim (2015) 

Performed by Room 1078:
Bram Margoles & Cassidy Chey Goldblatt, Violins
Ryan McDonald, Viola
Hanna Rumora, Cello

Part of Converge New Music

Movement 1: 0:00
Movement 2: 2:34
Movement 3: 7:34

Recorded February 12, 2017 
Ann Arbor, Michigan